Elevate Your Leadership Potential

Become the Go-To Authority in Your Field

Embrace Change, Embody Your Purpose

Ignite Your Leadership Potential

Step into your true potential at the Rise & Reign Leadership Summit 2023! 

In today’s fast-changing world, it’s crucial to know who you really are and harness your unique gifts. This transformative summit is designed for authors, speakers, coaches, pastors, thought leaders, and aspiring leaders with a unique Kingdom message inside them seeking to clarify their identity, embrace their authority, and leave an undeniable impact on the world. 

Join us at Rise & Reign and chart your course to success, leaving with clarity, action steps, and a powerful vision for generations to come!

Compelling reasons why you should attend the Rise & Reign Leadership Summit!

This summit is a powerful and transformative experience designed to help you connect with God in a profound way, dig deeper into your purpose, and step into your divine calling. Whether you feel disconnected from your audience or are seeking to uncover your clear message, this event is a catalyst for spiritual growth, personal development, and impactful leadership.

Some of the benefits you can expect:

Embrace Your Royal Identity – we believe that each one of us is uniquely crafted with a divine purpose. Together, we’ll explore how to embrace our royal identity as children of God and leaders in our spheres of influence. Unlock the power within you to lead authentically and with conviction.

Amplify Your Authority – discover how to amplify your authority in a way that resonates with your audience. Through engaging sessions and heartfelt testimonies, learn effective strategies to communicate your Kingdom message with clarity, confidence, and impact.

Find Your Clear Message – discover your distinct voice and purpose and bring clarity to your message! Gain insights and practical tools to craft a compelling message that aligns with God’s calling for your life.

Engage with Inspirational Thought Leaders – connect with influential speakers and faith-based thought leaders who have walked the path of self-discovery and have found success in reaching their audiences. Learn from their journeys and be inspired to step into your own divine destiny.

Deepen Your Relationship with God – immerse yourself in heartfelt worship and prayer experiences that will connect you with God on a deeper level. Tap into His wisdom and guidance as you seek to understand the reasons behind your creation and unique design.

Foster Authentic Connections – gather with a community of like-minded individuals driven by faith and a desire to make a difference. Build meaningful connections with fellow attendees and find support in your journey towards embracing your true self.

Network and Collaborate – connect with potential collaborators, mentors, and partners who share your vision and passion to make a positive impact on the Kingdom. Discover opportunities for collaboration and networking that can expand your impact and reach.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a soul-stirring journey to connect with God and uncover the profound reasons behind your unique creation so you can embrace your royal identity, amplify your authority, and dominate your space.  Discover the valuable treasure within you, and learn how to engage your audience with a lasting dynasty of influence. This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to tap into your creativity, walk in your purpose, and lead with confidence.

Reserve your spot now and let’s walk hand in hand as we seek to understand why we were created and embrace our unique Kingdom messages at the Rise & Reign Summit.

See you there!

Event Speakers

Ricco McAdory
Speaker, Author, Identity Leadership Expert, Minstrel
Pastor Randall Burcham
Pastor - Oasis Marketplace, Certified Life Coach
Prophet Michael Dalton
Prophet/Pastor, Founder - YES Ministries, Poet, Playwright, Singer, Songwriter, Author, Businessman, Consultant
Raequane Jones
Founder - Beyond Prosperous LLC, Coach and Consultant in Course Creation
Clarissa Kenty
Owner - iCu Media, Media Strategist, Certified Life Coach, Program Host: Rise & Reign Leadership Summit
Pastor John W. London
Pastor, City Councilman (City of Irondale, AL), Speaker, Teacher, Sports Coach
Juanita Sims
Consultant, Virtual Assistant, Accountability Coach, Project Manager, Launch Manager, Entrepreneur
Gilberto Herrera
Speaker, Author, Sales Trainer, Consultant, Coach, Entrepreneur
Julia M. Winston
Speaker, Author, Executive Coach, Trainer, CEO of Brave Leadership Consulting
Lynnette Brown, MBA
Multi six-figure Womanpreneur, Consultant

Thursday, August 10th


Doors open

Praise & Worship

Welcome: Councilman John W.
London, City of Irondale

Speaker: Julia M. Winston
Topic: Holy Mindset Shift

Speaker: Ricco McAdory
Topic: Solution to Reign

Praise & Worship



Friday, August 11th


Doors Open


Speaker: Ricco McAdory
Topic: Identity

Speaker: Julia M. Winston
Topic: Image

Speaker: Pastor Randall Burcham
Topic: Integrity


Lunch (On Your Own)
VIP Lunch with Speakers


Welcome Back

Speaker: Ricco McAdory
Topic: Idea

Speaker: Gilberto Herrera
Topic: Impact

Speakers: Ricco McAdory and Lynnette Brown, MBA (“Advocate for Excellence in Tax and Estate Planning”)
Topic: Increase


Break/Dinner (On Your Own)
VIP Dinner with Speakers


Praise & Worship

Speaker: Prophet Michael Dalton
Topic: Why Kingdom Culture is Necessary Today



Saturday, August 12th


Doors Open



Take Action Breakfast Session
(Included in V.I.P. Ticket package / upgrade option for General Admission Ticket)

Speaker: Juanita Sims (V.I.P. Session)
Topic: Reign w/Goals, Accountability and Action Plans

Speakers: Ricco McAdory / Raequane Jones (Main Room Session)
Topic: Identity, Purpose, and Rising to Reign

Speaker: Ricco McAdory
Topic: Released to Reign

Praise & Worship



About Summit Organizer

Ricco S. McAdory: Inspirational Speaker & Identity Leadership Expert

Renowned for his music-infused teaching style, Ricco empowers audiences to unlock their authentic greatness. Author of “Your GOD-Given Identity,” impacting lives personally and professionally. Over 20 years of inspiring individuals, churches, and businesses. Featured on Fox 6 News & GOD-Made Millionaire TV Show, reaching 200+ countries with 100 million views. Trusted by successful organizations like Sixth Avenue Baptist Church, Kingdom Health University, and more.

How to Get Involved

Are you a Helper, Sower, or Manifestor?  If so, use your gifts to help others connect with their God-given Identity through the Rise & Reign Leadership Summit.  

Click here to Donate.  Email info@riseandreignsummit.com to Volunteer or Become a Sponsor

Directions to the Rise & Reign Summit

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